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Sur Sudha Healing Thru Music Tour

Nepal’s premier traditional music group, Sur Sudha will perform as part of their Healing Thru Music tour marking 75 years of US - Nepal partnership. The Fredericksburg - Nepal Exchange and the America Nepal Society are joining hands to bring this special event to northern Virginia. A wonderful buffet dinner will be available for purchase and the Nepal Pasa Band will open the event. Sur Sudha is the premier traditional folk music group of Nepal. They have played for kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, and now, they are coming to play for you.

One thing you have to say about folks in Fredericksburg — they know how to have a good time! And you’d have to add — they know what community means.

The Sister City partnerships in Fredericksburg are all about building a sense of community and that’s what we did last week in the Fredericksburg - Kathmandu Sister City family!

The Nepali classical music band was here to share their unique mix of classical, traditional, mantra and fusion music and what a night. Great food at the Himalayan Heritage restaurant, wonderful support from our community sponsors, and the participation of so many great friends.

We were honored to have Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw joining us and my guess is that few will be surprised to know that she HAD to jump up and join all the folks dancing to Resham Firiri, a beloved Nepali folk melody.

What a night. Want to be part of the future fun? Join FNE and become part of the family.


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