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Sur Sudha Healing Thru Music Concert 2022

We’re so excited to be able to offer to our many friends in Fredericksburg the chance to attend a wonderful cultural evening featuring Sur Sudha.

Sur Sudha is the premier traditional folk music group of Nepal. They have played for kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, and now, they are coming to play for you.

This special event, offered by the Fredericksburg - Nepal Exchange in partnership with Engage Nepal and the America Nepal Society, is free but reservations are required.

SEATS ARE LIMITED SO CONTACT US AT if you wish to attend.

The event is November 9 at the Himalayan Heritage restaurant in Fredericksburg. A buffet dinner will be available for those wishing to experience Nepali food along with wonderful music and, as an added attraction there will be an art exhibition and a local Nepali band with open for Sur Sudha.

Dinner will be offered from 6 pm and the show will start at 7 pm!

Join us and be transported to Nepal for a night!

(Thanks to the terrific folks at the Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg who are helping to sponsor this event. They want to remind you that Colorectal cancer still remains the second most common cause of cancer death in America. Timely screening and surveillance with colonoscopy is the only way to prevent colorectal cancer and the Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg, are committed to this fight against colon cancer by providing colonoscopy screening services at their brand new state of art Fredericksburg Endoscopy Center located in Central Park, in joint collaboration with Mary Washington Hospital. Please visit for more information)

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